Kerala :: MBA Schools
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1 Allama Iqbal Institute Of Management
2 Albertian Institute Of Management
3 Bharat Mata College of Management
4 Chinmaya Institute Of Technology Govindagiri
5 Consortium Of National Self Financing Prof. Inst.
6 Cochin University (University Of Sc. Technology) School Of Management Studies
7 D.C. School Of Management and Technology D.C.
8 Department Of Management Studies
9 Department Of Commerce And Mgmt.Studies
10 Elijah Institute Of Management Studies
11 Farook Institute Of Management Studies
12 Government College Of Engineering
13 Holy Grace Academy of Management Studies
14 Institute Of Technology
15 Jai Bharath Arts And Science College
16 Kerala Univeristy
17 Mar Athanasios College For Advanced Studies
18 MES College Of Engineering
19 MES College (School Of Management Studies)
20 Mahatma Gandhi University School Of Management and Bus Studies
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